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With 70% of CX leaders rethinking their entire customer journey, this is the year of massive transformation. Zendesk is revealing ten trends that are pushing the customer experience towards a smarter future.

of consumers believe the way they interact with a company will completely change within two years
of CX leaders believe that bots can build a stronger emotional connection with customers
of consumers believe that AI has become a modern part of customer service
2024 Report

Ten trends.
Three innovative areas.
One full report.

Zendesk is back with the sixth annual CX Trends report. This year, we’re sharing how rapid innovations in AI and other emerging tech are claiming the spotlight, and discussing the ways leaders are getting ahead of the big change.

AI + intelligent experiences

Learn how AI is altering the role of chatbots to the point where 64% of CX leaders are increasing their investments in evolving chatbots. Discover how AI transparency is a top priority and how generative AI is offering personable and interactive experiences.

Data + trustworthy experiences

Our report indicates that 77% of CX leaders see themselves as responsible for making sure customer data is safe. Know what’s next for security and data privacy, and ways to responsibly use customer data to deliver instant experiences.

Next gen + immersive experiences

The next wave of CX is near, with 56% of organisations planning to integrate conversational commerce within the next year. Learn how emerging tech is influencing conversational commerce, voice and phone support and agent management tools.


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Our CX Trends events are the perfect place to dive into all ten trends and more. Join us for a chat on AI and data science with industry thought leaders and watch a live panel discussion between esteemed Zendesk customers.

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  • The balance between empathy and efficiency is possible with generative AI. CX leaders believe it can offer experiences that feel interpersonal and engaging.

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    Find out how generative AI is humanising the customer experience in Trend 1.
  • The reputation and use of AI-powered chatbots are evolving fast. CX leaders are starting to view chatbots as digital agents who can do much more.

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    Find out how chatbots are becoming a game changer for every CX organisation in Trend 2.
  • The relationship between agents and AI is on everyone’s mind. Many CX leaders believe AI will elevate human intelligence, not replace it.

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    Find out how AI is redefining roles seen by leaders and agents in Trend 3.
  • Consumers want to know what data feeds the AI representing your business. Businesses that are open about how they handle customer data increase their trustworthiness.

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    Find out how to keep the dialogue on AI use flowing between you and consumers in Trend 4.
  • The demand for quality experiences includes these ingredients: speed, anticipation and hyper-personalised delivery of relevant information.

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    Find out how to offer immediate support that feels one of a kind in Trend 5.
  • CX leaders know the responsibility of keeping customer data safe continues to pile on their plate, while also catering to consumer demand for greater personalisation.

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    Discover what steps CX leaders are taking as the new drivers of data privacy in Trend 6.
  • Due to data breaches and cyber attacks on customer data, integrating security measures throughout the customer journey is now a requirement, but must be achieved without compromising the seamless experiences consumers want.

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    Learn how to safely protect the entire customer journey in Trend 7.
  • Consumers want more from digital shopping experiences, like immersive digital interactions that provide instant product guidance and information. 

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    Explore how to take your digital shopping experience to the next level in Trend 8.
  • Channels like voice and phone support are evolving to serve a greater role in resolving more complex, escalated customer inquiries.

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    Discover how voice and phone support duties are transforming in Trend 9.
  • Advancements in predictive agent management tools are making it easier to accurately forecast team needs.

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    Find out how to use the latest technology to anticipate your team’s needs in Trend 10.